If you want to take a screenshot, you can simply use the PrtScr key on the keyboard. But also to do some basic editing to the sketch caught, then FastStone Capture is baik.FastStone Capture is a minimalist application to take a picture that coirosun large number of tools and options in a small interface. The program includes various ways of capturing images (full screen, active window, a rectangular area, ploscharuky were free, even curtains!) And alldenganformat popular.But worked most powerful party FastStone Capture aparececando take a screenshot. The program displays the captured image and allows you to work with in several ways: adding captions, resize images, apply special effects make free form, highlighting some areas, dllFastStone Capture inclĂșeunha other interesting options such as automatic recording and file poznachennyudlya, support for keyboard shortcuts, and the ability to load imagesdirectly to the server FTP.FastStone adalahalat full image capture Capture feature, which can not only take screenshots, but also edit them.